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" Once you learn how to die,you learn how to live. "

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Sunday, August 9, 2015 | 7:31 PM | 0Comment

Nobody. I know that nobody actually read this blog. LOL. But then, that is the fun part. I can write what ever I wanted to! Well, who am I? Who are you? I am nobody, but i guess sometimes, I'm somebody to somebody.Have you ever been a nobody? The feeling of being inadequate to be with anybody. That moment when you feel like the smallest and most vulnerable person on earth. Well, to be honest, I never have.

Ever since I enter secondary school, I am the most confident person on earth. I have no idea where did I got that type of self-esteem, but I was always successful,specifically in studies. However, I'm not THAT good. In fact, I was never too good in anything. Now that I reflect my life, I don't even know what is my specialty is. Though I was always chosen to join several competitions, I never really did win by myself. There's always teammates.

Looking on the bright side, I also learn my own strength;which I believe make me different from anyone else. And I think this is important in life, to feel good about yourself. I may not know how to play guitar,piano,acting but i know how to love. Sounds stupid right? And talking about love.., Love always. always and the only thing that manage to make me feel like I'm a nobody. To be specific, it's about love to your partner.

Why so? Shouldn't being in love makes you feel like the luckiest person on earth? Like you can die that exact moment because it feel so beautiful? In fantasy,maybe. I doubt it still happen in the world nowadays. Now how could you feel like nobody when you're in love? For me, it's because I always compare myself to others. I compare how he treat others and how he treat me. Maybe I expect too much so I always ended up in frustration. I'll feel unworthy and will act childish well maybe, just to feel worthy again. I'll distant myself from everybody, even God. Childish enough?

It is hard to motivate yourself but that is life. Sometimes you feel down, sometime you feel good about yourself. And sometimes, all you need to do is be alone. By yourself, figuring everything out,just to live and be happy. One reminder,

You are never alone.