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" Once you learn how to die,you learn how to live. "

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015 | 2:10 AM | 0Comment

Heyy.. It's been like,what, 3 years maybe since I updated this blog? Lied. Haha, I've converted my old posts to draft. I felt so silly sharing those stuff. Let's start again! So this time,I named my blog LOVED. To be honest, this name popped out of nowhere. No plans,no nothing, it's just that life suddenly show itself. Love is that one thing that I'm indulged in; you can say obsessed about, but love, really make me wonder. All the emotions you felt when you're in love.

Do you feel me? All those mixed emotions? Oh yes, there will be butterflies in your tummy but then, life is not always at its best. In love, there's sadness, anger , frustrations, hope, kindness, expectation and tears at the same time. That moment when you feel like cursing him/her but at the same time, they're the last person on earth you wanna hurt. That moment when they make you cry due to frustrations of their attitude but somehow, you keep on forgiving them.

Love is too great, to beautiful yet painful to understand. However love is what make we alive. Without love,there's no me and you. I've always tried to look at love from different perspective and that is what I would like to share in my blog. How does men and women love? How does someone shows their affection? How can loving someone be so hard? Why do people love in many different way? Till then, how can I not love you, when God loved you first? :)