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My English Oral ( Qualities a husband should have) =)
Saturday, April 21, 2012 | 10:09 AM | 0Comment

Ooooooooooo... waaaaaaaaaaaa... oh yeahhhhhhhhh.. ulaaalaaalaaaaaaaa....awesommeee..!
Good morning to my teacher...........................
That’s what happens when a girl sees a boy she admired. Well of course, physical appearance is the one thing that matters to a girl. There are many boys out there. Some are cute, some are handsome, and some are cute and handsome! So, since most of my classmates are girls, I would like to talk about boys.
10 years from now, some of us might already be married. Married? Be married to whom? Has it ever cross your mind?  Who will be the person I spend my life with? Before we even think about marriage, we should think about the quality of a guy that we should marry. So, do you have a dream guy? Here, I would like to share the qualities that a husband should have.
1st of all, he must have faith in God. He should be the one that guide you in knowing your religion better. By choosing a religious guy, you can avoid yourselves from doing wrong thing such as premarital marriage. Besides, a religious guy will treat you right because every religion forbids us from doing wrong things before marriage.
Besides, I’m sure all of us want a caring and loving man. Imagine, you had just arrived from a hard day of work; your caring husband has already prepared you dinner. How sweet is that? A caring man will also take charge of his responsibility and he will not let you do everything alone. He can help to pay the bills, doing housework and taking care of your children. He can even help to take off your clothes! =P
Honesty, loyalty and trust, these are the three main recipes for a happily ever after.  Never ever marry a guy that cannot be trusted, loyal and honest.  But if you do, you’ll be like living in hell. Who want to marry a guy that play “wood –three”? Other than that, having a dishonest husband will only make you live in tears. I believe that every lie a husband make is similar to a pierce to our heart with a samurai sword.  And if you can trust your husband, you will not have to worry about him.
Last but not least, make sure he has a good job and high salary. Nowadays, we cannot say that money is not important because we need money to survive in this modern era. I’m sure most of us, girls will be successful is the future. So, it’s harder for you to find a man that can support your expenses. We should be able to depend on our husband and our husband should not depend on us for money. I would like to have branded handbags, watches, and clothes in the future. For girls, this is why we study hard now right, so that we can have a good salary in the future? I’m sure we will go shopping here, shopping there, shopping here and everywhere. A husband with a handsome salary is just like a bonus!
As for the conclusion, marry a man that you love. Love can overcome anything. Love can change everything. If you love each other, you can overcome any difficulties. Remember, perfect guys do not exist, but there is always an imperfect guy which is perfect for you. Who knows, you Mr. Right is just right in front of you? Thank you.